Servers added to

  • Test UT – 12/2021 added to Test UT.  Not sure if this mod even works.  can not find in log files.

Why use and how to use.

  1. Go to logs and see user and ip address used.

2. Go to server admin site and ban by IP address.


The PlayerJoinDump ServerActor will dump info about every player that joins during the game. Only real players are logged, no spectators, spectators can’t be logged the way I coded this ServerActor.


It’s very easy to install, just add PlayerJoinDump.PlayerJoinDump to the server actors in the server configuration file.




The information about the players will be dumped in the server log file in the following format:

[PLAYER_JOIN] <player name> <ip:port> <current netspeed>

Every player will be listed in the log every the play in a game, that means that after a map change the players will be listed again.